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How to Use Prayer Bracelets

Prayer bracelets can be used many ways and serve many purposes. They are generally worn as a reminder to the wearer that she is not alone, and that she is loved, not only by the gift giver, but most especially by God. If the bracelet contains the name of the recipient, it reminds her that she has been "called by name" and is a child of God; and serves to help her to lift her mind to Him in gratitude for His love and all the gifts He has given her. Children, especially, feel very special when they can wear a bracelet that contains their own name, and can be taught to use it as a vehicle for prayer and a reminder of how special they are and how much God loves them.

Sometimes a word or phrase that has special meaning for the giver and the recipient can be used on a prayer bracelet, perhaps a nickname, an endearment, or something that brings the beloved to mind, and enabling the wearer to lift that person up in prayer. Some people wear the name of someone they love on their prayer bracelet instead of their own name, such as their spouse, or best friend, or their child (or children; bracelets can have multiple strands, for an added charge).

Some simply use prayer bracelets as a way to count their blessings, trying to name something they are grateful for on each bead on the bracelet every time they wear it.

Prayer bracelets can also be used to help the wearer work on and pray for a needed virtue. For example, someone having a hard time at work or in another area of her life can use a prayer bracelet with a message such as "patience" or "perseverance" to remind her, at a single glance, to work on and pray for that virtue just when it is most needed.

Someone struggling with grief or other difficulties may find a prayer bracelet with an encouraging message such as "Peace" "Hope" "Joy" or "Solace" to be helpful in reminding her that she is not alone, and that there are better times to come. Prayer bracelets can also be made with reference to favorite Scripture passages, or contain a message that is meaningful just to the wearer.

Someone searching for a special way to memorialize a loved one can have his or her name, nickname, or a special endearment placed on a prayer bracelet. Seeing this name at her wrist, or feeling the bracelet on her arm may bring a smile to the wearer, helping her feel close and connected to the missing loved one, and also acting as a reminder to send up a prayer for, or petition to the beloved, or a prayer of gratitude in thanksgiving for their time together.

Each bracelet is as unique as its wearer, and is crafted to her (or your) specifications to be meaningful to her. Every prayer bracelet contains a tiny cross near the clasp, a reminder to us that this is not simply an article of adornment, but a vehicle for prayer.